Jason Weller
Attorney at Law

Early intervention and evaluation by a knowledgeable business law attorney

can help insure successful business organization and the avoidance

of significant problems down the line     

Jason Weller, Attorney at Law, fully understands the importance of balancing the business needs of a company with legal risk while still accomplishing your objectives.  Jason Weller is a seasoned corporate attorney and business advisor with an MBA degree and management experience.  Forming a company and maintaining legal compliance is complex.  The skilled assistance and expertise of an attorney and business professional can save you time, money and help your business prosper.


There are many decisions to be made with corporate formation and corporate

safeguarding. Potential pitfalls can do damage to the business

and its principals without proper legal guidance.


When forming a new company, you will need to choose from among a number of business entities.  It is important to select the one that best protects your business, assets and most importantly, you personally.  Once the entity is formed, JWeller Law will continue to advise on everyday business and legal matters throughout the life of the company.  JWeller Law is committed to helping businesses make strategic decisions that will help achieve goals on an ongoing basis. 


JWeller Law can assist with all your transactional needs:


  • Business incorporation, LLCs and partnerships
  • Prepare operating and shareholder agreements, by-laws and corporate minutes
  • Start a joint venture or strategic partner relationship
  • Draft, review, negotiate or edit contracts and commercial agreements
  • General Counsel services for small businesses, new business entities or closely-held corporations
  • Assist with business acquisitions and sales and make appropriate changes to corporate documents
  • Corporate compliance and housekeeping matters

JWeller Law uses creative solutions tailored to fit your corporate needs 
and budget with the goal of forging a long-term relationship 
and helping your business venture succeed.

Jason Weller, Attorney at Law